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Our Goal: Rapid Development of Your Embedded Microprocessor Systems.

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Our Methods: Offer carefully selected CPU’s on carefully designed Single Board Computers (SBC’s) in development packages with High-Level Languages. Support them with many common peripherals on the shelf (serial ports, parallel ports, A/D’s, D/A’s, SSR’s, relays, high current sink, high current source, RTC’s) and some exotic peripherals (counters, quadrature decoders, motor controllers, H-bridges). Semi-custom development of any additional peripherals needed. Contract programming is required. Full custom design, layout, and prototypes for volume applications. Here are two examples of Small/short run production of products we have created, First is a cable called LeadBuddy DUO and second is this iPhone Charger .We don’t sell direct to the public to for wholesalers we offer good terms and customization as required. Please email us to discuss your product requirements.

Our Specialty: As well as the common languages of C and Basic, we also offer Max-FORTH. Like a katana, Forth is not easily mastered, but in the hands of a samurai, is an awe-inspiring tool dispatching problems with near effortless efficiency.

Latest News
At New Micros, we are proud to announce a partnership with iPowerbuddy to supply the microchip sets for this Portable charger found on Amazon as a top-selling product
Last week we signed up here at the office for Verizon fios to get access to high-speed fiber internet and I can’t believe the speeds it is capable of. We found the top deals and promos on a facebook page in google and saved about 40% off the ticket price as well.

New Partnership 

We have added Wolters Kluwer as a partner in the healthcare and legal side of our business – Currently, we are offering members 20% off Wolters Kluwer Products with the coupon code” NEWMICROS” for this month only so get in fast

We can now offer you our top Accessory Geeks coupons and deals for great discounts on all kinds of gadgets from iPhone cases to cables to much much more

AutoCad : For a limited time our friends over at cad portal have a great range of promotions & special offers for AutoCAD and the 360 version to save 30% with.

IsoMax Most recently, IsoMax: An operating system/language based on State Machine concepts which ride atop other languages (Forth, C), and by imposing additional structure, creates an inherent multitasking allows Virtually Parallel Machine Architecture. IsoMax is the ultimate answer to the question, “How do I do this and at the same time this and also this”. Multitasking has never been simpler.

Our support: Our staff are eager to answer your questions. We give great telephone support . for yourself.We share the same building with the team at Wolters Kluwer and bits 

Our Legacy: Over 20 years experience. Our SBC’s are reliable and durable. They’ve been to the ocean depths (ALICE deep sea probes), into outer space (ARRIANE, Pegasus Rocket, and Shuttle), and to every continent on the planet. Purchased by the big 3 auto manufacturers, and in all the major research labs (Bell – Lucent, DEC, IBM, JPL, Los Alamos, Sandia, Scripts, Woods Hole).

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