Kaspersky Lab Reconsiders Its US Operation

Adjustments To U.S. Subsidiary Of Kaspersky Lab Considered


Kaspersky Lab, Moscow-based producer of cyber security tools stated Tuesday that changes may be afoot with regard to the subsidiary through which it makes sales to the government of the United States. This news comes during a period in which the firm faces questions about its potential vulnerability to Russian interests and influence.Image result for allintitle:Kaspersky Promo Code


Senators in the United States will vote later this week on a proposed defense bill which would prohibit government agencies in this country from using products made by Kaspersky Lab. ( coupons for Kaspersky are here )

A spokesperson from Kaspersky Lab told Reuters that because government agencies in the U.S. have not comprised a substantial part of the firm’s North American sales, representatives of the company will be examining ways in which it can better use the office in D.C. through which threat intelligence tools are offered to governmental bodies in America.


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Eugene Kaspersky, Founder and CEO of the enterprise Tweeted on Tuesday that the company is dedicated to its customer base in North America, regardless of current rumblings in the geopolitical realm.


Officials with Kaspersky Lab have stated on multiple occasions that the company is not linked with any governmental entity, stating that it does not assist any nation with cyber spying of any sort. The firm further asserted that no evidence exists that the antivirus software it produces helps the Kremlin with espionage efforts, despite allegations that have been made by legislators and others in the U.S.

Still, Kaspersky Lab has been hard pressed to fully debunk the accusations. Just a week ago, Best Buy Co., the top retailer of electronics in the U.S., announced that it would no longer sell the company’s cyber security tools for mac security or pc based products, either in stores or online.



Russian language news resource The Bell cited a pair of anonymous sources on Tuesday who suggested that Kaspersky Lab was giving serious thought to shuttering its Arlington, Virginia offices, located in the shadow of the nation’s capital.

These very offices house the Kaspersky Lab KGSS subsidiary, responsible for the federal agency market in America and were found to be empty in July when a reporter from Reuters paid them a visit. At that time, a spokesperson from the company stated that the majority of staffers, which totaled no more than ten, typically telecommuted.

With origins dating back to 1997, Kaspersky Lab has endeavored to be a leading supplier of cyber tools to U.S. government agencies, but to date has achieved limited success.



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